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Welcome to Astronomy in Maine!

This website contains a list of various astronomy organizations and activities in Maine.  It will be expanded in the future to include more information from each organization, along with details about special events in Maine for Astronomy.

Future additions will also be specific information for teachers looking to supplement their classroom studies with Astronomy activities, and press kits for media wishing to write about various astronomy experiences in Maine.

Please direct any requests or feedback to Thurston Searfoss at Blueberry Pond Observatory, phone 207-688-4410.

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Blueberry Pond Observatory

Located in Pownal, Maine (very near Freeport)

Enjoy a guided tour of the stars that you will never forget!  See the Moon, planets and stars through a 12" telescope... Then take your own pictures of your favorite planets, nebula, or galaxy to take home.

Advanced sessions available for High School students, and classroom visits available for Elementary classrooms.

Visit our website at

or call 207-688-4410 for more information.

Southworth Planetarium

located at the University of Southern Maine campus in Portland, Maine

Where the stars are... Come see a variety of Astronomy, Science, and Laser Light shows at the planetarium to learn more about the night sky, and visit our space exhibits for even more hands on activities.

Visiting classrooms may make reservations for a variety of Astronomy shows aimed at various ages.  Teachers are welcome to attend our teacher workshops to learn more about the planetarium.

Visit our website at

or call 207-780-4249 for more information

Astronomical Society of Northern New England (ASNNE)

club observatory located in Kennebunk, Maine

ASNNE is an all-volunteer non-profit educational organization founded in 1982 to promote public awareness of astronomy. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced amateur astronomer, enjoyment and challenges await you as a member of ASNNE. Our activities include teaching the basics of recognizing the constellations, observing the stars and planets with telescopes of all sizes, presenting monthly discussions on a wide variety of astronomy related topics, and organizing outings to special events

Star parties can be requested for school sites, and star party kits are available to help create Maine Learning Results oriented star parties anywhere with the help of local amateur astronomers in your area.

Visit our website at

Maine Space Grant Consortium (MSGC)

located in Augusta, Maine

MSGC represents NASA in Maine... It consists of colleges, universities, research labs, state agencies, businesses and not-for-profit organizations, all of whom help further NASA's goals while benefiting Maine in many different areas of science and technology.

Educators, students, researchers, and astronomy organizations will find a wealth of information and resources at the MSGC website for assistance, grant opportunities and other programs.

Visit our website at

or call 1-877-397-7223 for more information







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